What is Anima?

Anima, our online consultation platform that allows you to submit requests to the Practice.

Using Anima, you will be able to submit requests tailored to whatever medical problem or admin request you have. Anima will ask you all the same questions that our Clinicians and Administrators would usually ask, meaning we will have all the information we need to help you and to assess to what the next steps for you might be.

Anima helps us manage all health consultations, administrative tasks, and has the ability to send communication, all from one platform.

How do I get started?

Firstly you will need to create an Anima Account. We recommend signing up using your NHS APP login if you have one, but you can also sign up to Anima directly using your email address.

Simply head to Anima now and create your account Today!


Where can I find help & support?

Anima's Patient Help and Support Centre may offer a solution if you are struggling to navigate your account.

Our Digital Ambassadors are also on hand to assist you in getting started.


How will my data be used?

Anima share the information you provide with those health and care professionals directly involved in your care. Access to information is strictly controlled, based on the role of the professional, and where the user has a direct care relationship with you. Find out more on their website.

You can also view our Privacy Notice and seek information on how your data is used for the purpose of online consultations at

Statement from Anima about the use of your personal data:

"For patients whose GP practice uses Anima to manage and process online consultations, Anima acts as a 'data processor' on behalf of your GP practice. This means that we only process personal data to the extent that is required for your GP practice to provide you with the care that you need. When you submit a request through Anima, your personal data is not shared with any third parties, nor are you subject to any advertising when using Anima. Some clauses in our privacy policy only apply to users of our website, and this is so we can account for advertising services and cookies that may be present in users' browsers. Anima is certified to NHS and UK government standards for data security and information governance: all data processed through Anima is secure (encrypted) both in transit (when it is sent) and at rest (when it is received), and all data is stored in the UK. No patient data is shared outside the UK."


Why replace eConsult?

Anima's additional features will improve online consultation access for patients, and comes with a number of other benefits:

Individual Login  - Signing in to your Anima account you will enable you to submit requests directly to us. From there you will be able to view the status of any requests and opt to receive updates via text/email - no need to queue on the telephone to chase where we are with your request.

Medical Record Integration - Your requests and interactions will be automatically saved to your medical record, ensuring complete accounts are held for future reference. This step also saves our team time - time that can be used to complete more requests.

Increased Capacity - Anima's system allows us to adjust our capacity throughout the day. For example, on a day where requests have been less complex and easily resolved, we can open up capacity to receive more submissions from patients. Admin and Medical requests have a separate adjustable capacity limit too, which means we can continue to receive admin queries even after we have reached clinical capacity.

No need to Queue - You can provide all the information that we need without queuing on the telephone.

Accessible - The system can be used in a number of languages.

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