Community Dermatology

Foundry Healthcare offers a Community Dermatology Service to patients within and around our local area.

The service is provided on behalf of the East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), offering assessment, diagnoses and treatment of certain skin conditions.

All patients are to be referred via their own GP for an appointment.

Your Community Dermatology Appointment - What to expect

Who will you see:

You will have been booked in to see one of two clinicians:

Dr Phil Wallek

a GP with a Specialist Interest in Dermatology

Dr Jesper Larsson-De Wet

a GP training to become a GP with a Specialist Interest in Dermatology


Who else might be present:

Occasionally we have a nurse, registrar or medical student sitting in with us to help them learn about skin disease. Please let us know if you would prefer to be seen by the GP alone.

What should you bring:

It would be useful for you to bring a list of your usual medications, and what treatments you may have used on the skin already, whether it be from a pharmacy, obtained over-the-counter or prescribed by your usual GP.

What will occur during the session:

Firstly you will be asked questions about your skin problem, how long it has been going on for, and how it might have changed.

We will then look at the affected skin, and depending on the issue, other skin areas too if deemed necessary. We frequently examine sun-exposed areas such as chest, back, and scalp. A Dermoscope is often used which is a special light and magnifying glass used to take a closer look at the skin.

Sometimes, again depending on the issue, an examination of your buttocks, anus or genitals may be necessary. We will explain and ask for consent if this is the case and offer the option of a trained chaperone.


On the day, we may offer you a procedure:




A Biopsy is offered if the diagnosis is unclear.

This is done under a local anaesthetic and involves a small cut and removal of a sample of the skin to send to the lab.

The cut will heal with a small scar.


The lesion may be easily treated with a few cycles of Cryotherapy which is done by spraying very cold liquid nitrogen in short bursts to the affected area.

This can sting and be slightly painful. It results in the local cells dying, and normally heals very well over the following weeks.

This does not require any anaesthetic.


This is where a small part of affected skin is 'shaved' off under local anaesthetic and then cauterised with low voltage electricity using a device called a Hyfrecator.


Larger lumps may require excision, meaning the lump is cut out and removed completely.

This is done under a local anaesthetic.

Sometimes it is possible to do this on the day. on other occasions we may require you to book another appointment.


How to find us:

All our Community Dermatology appointments take place at our Specialist Services hub in Lewes.

A: Foundry Healthcare Lewes: School Hill, School Hill House, 33 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2LU


How to access the building:

The entrance is at the back of the building. The door on the high street is not accessible. If you walk down Walwers Lane you will come to a gate leading into a garden and path to your left-hand side. There is a ramp for wheelchair accessibility.

Press the intercom and a member of staff will answer and let you into the building. The waiting room is located at the end of the hallway, past the large staircase.


Where to park:

There is some on street parking with Pay and Display on the High Street, and around Lewes. West Street Car Park is a 3minute walk away, and the Phoenix Causeway Cark Park is a 7minute walk. There is unfortunately no patient specific parking available next to the practice.


Bus: There is a bus stop directly outside the building. Community run and local County bus services regularly stop here.

Train: Lewes Train Station is a 6minute walk away.



How to contact our Community Dermatology Team:

Please be advised that our team can only assist if you have already spoken with your GP and a referral has been sent.

T: 01273 480888 (Option 5 for Referrals)


The information found on this webpage is also available as a leaflet - This can be posted upon request by contacting the team above.

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