Ongoing Conditions

We understand that people with ongoing conditions will be concerned at this time.

Our patients with ongoing conditions such as heart/lung/diabetes/kidney/rheumatological/bowel or ongoing cancer treatment should have a good idea of how to manage their condition and sufficient supplies of medication. Please continue to manage your condition as pro-actively as you are able.

We have reintroduced many chronic illness reviews. If you are worried about your condition, please contact us, or your relevant nurse specialist. If your condition is stable, your next review may be delayed. If you need blood tests (such as if you are taking Warfarin or Methotrexate) these will be arranged as usual wherever possible, although we will need to be flexible on exactly where and when.

If you are a smoker please consider stopping now as a way to reduce your risks, we realise this can be difficult at times of stress. There is a lot of good advice on ways to do this online at and at the OneYou website.

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