How do I book my 2nd vaccine?

If you had your 1st Covid Vaccine at Foundry we will contact you to book your 2nd. We shall contact you using the same method as before, unless you have updated your records with a new preferred contact method.

Note: Patients can contacted between 8 and 12weeks after their 1st dose.

Patients who have had their 1st dose at a larger vaccination site, you should have booked a 2nd appointment at the same time as booking your 1st. You must view and manage your appointments directly with the National Booking Service

If you had your 1st Vaccination Abroad

The NHS Vaccine Resolution Centre has now gone live for those who had COVID vaccinations abroad. This is accessible through 119. Where a patient has received their first vaccine dose overseas, but needs their 2nd dose in England they should approach a walk in/pop up service. The National Booking cannot book an appointment for a patient in this set of circumstances.

Patients registered with an NHS England GP whose COVID vaccinations were administered in the home countries, ie Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland should find they now automatically appear on English NHS records. This will enable them to book a second dose in England through the National Booking Service, if they wish, and to access the NHS Covid Pass.

For all vaccine queries, please call 119, please do not call your GP Practice.

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