This content is intended to support the text invitation sent to patients who are now being called forward for vaccination.

Your suitability for vaccination will be assessed at your appointment by a specifically trained Doctor or Nurse. In some circumstances, following this assessment, we may have to postpone or rearrange your appointment so that you are offered the right vaccine at the right time for you.

We apologise that this assessment cannot be offered in advance of your appointment. The scale of our vaccine programme has us aiming to vaccinate a large number of patients, with over 1000 invites being sent each week. Every individual is different and this is the best way for us to ensure that you are vaccinated safely and appropriately.

We envisage this mainly affecting those who have a history of severe allergic reaction and those who are or may be pregnant. Further information is provided below.

For those who have previously had severe allergic reactions

The Pfizer vaccine is very safe and suitable for nearly everyone. For a small number of people who have had previous severe reactions to foods or medications it is thought to be safer to use the alternative widely available vaccine made by Astrazeneca (Oxford Vaccine).  This is safe for use in all except a very small number who have had serious reactions to vaccines.

If it is found that your specific situation means the Oxford vaccine would be safer we will be able to arrange this for you as soon as possible.

For those who are pregnant

The vaccines are safe if you are planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding.

It is currently not known if the vaccines are safe in pregnancy, as this has not been tested, therefore unless your risks from Covid infection are high the advice is to avoid having the vaccine until after your baby is born.

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