Easier Access to Foundry Healthcare

Easy Access from the Foundry Care Team

We are excited to bring you a new level of accessibility!

In our continuous effort to improve patient care, we have introduced 'Easy Access' at Foundry. Increasing availability online so that contacting our care team is easier for everyone.

To do this we ask that you complete an Easy Access Request Online or or with our reception team. Whether you are tech-savvy or prefer a personal touch, we've got you covered!

With just a click of a button, you can simply submit your medical or admin request online, through Anima, from 6am Monday to Friday.

More availability online means easier access for everyone

By improving online access we will reduce pressure on our phone system. This will make it easier for people who rely on the phone to contact us.

How will it be easier for patients to access Foundry?

All patients will complete a request to the Practice. This could be through the website or with the help of a receptionist when they call or visit in person.

Completing a request is the best way for our clinicians to start your patient journey. Our request form, designed by GPs, gathers the information needed for your care. It also allows us to make the most of our whole team and resources.

Easy Access is the name we have given our process of completing a request via the website (through Anima)

We encourage everyone to send an Easy Access request via our website if they can.

We know not everyone will be able to do this. Patients are still able to call or visit us if they need to. Our reception teams will complete an Easy Access request on their behalf.

More people using our website to complete a request will mean the phone lines will be less busy. This will improve access to those that need to contact us by phone or with an urgent matter.

Introducing our new Foundry Care Team

Every Easy Access request will go to our Foundry Care Team. This is a group of our health professionals, overseen by our GPs, who will review the request. They will get in touch within 24hours to discuss the next steps for your care.

Equal Access for Everybody

With all requests going to our team, we will be able to ensure everyone receives the same level of care. No matter how they contact us.

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