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A statement from Foundry's Managing Director, Geraldine Hoban, following the comments made by Frank Hester, CEO of TTP

Statement Issued: Tuesday 19th March 2024

Like many people, the Practice was dismayed and disgusted to read reports of comments made by Frank Hester about Dianne Abbot, MP. It is our view that these comments are unequivocally racist and misogynist and have no place in in healthcare or society more generally.  

Frank Hester is CEO of TPP, provider of the patient record system SystmOne which operates in 2,549 GP Practices across England and Wales, Foundry being one.  We will be contacting TPP to formally complain and to request details of the steps they are taking as an organisation to ensure an inclusive, respectful organisation and to how they will make their action plans publicly available.


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