Patient Online Services

SystmOnline, our patient online service, allows you to:


•  Order Repeat Medication
•  Book Routine Blood Tests
•  View Test Results
•  Request access to / View your Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
•  Request changes to your address and contact details


Once registered, you can access the above services by logging in to SystmOnline. You can also download the SystmOnline App for use on your smartphone or tablet.


Our online services are there to assist you to take control of your health with ease. If you can’t find what you are looking for through our online services, you may find the solution by contacting us through Anima



How do I Register for online services?

If you do not have access and wish to register for this service, please read our Patient Leaflet and complete our online Registration Form (A printable copy of this form can be found here)


Verification of Identification

If necessary we may request to see two forms of identification from you in order to process your registration. This will ideally be one of each of the following:


•  ID confirming who you are, such as a driving licence or passport
•  ID confirming your registering address, such as a utility bill


If you are unable to provide proof of identity or address please contact our team on, they will be happy to assist you.



Accessing your GP health record

People over the age of 16 can access their GP health record on the NHS App, NHS Website and SystmOnline. This enables you to see new information added to your record including consultation notes, test results and letters.


Accessing your GP health record can help you better understand and manage your health, without having to phone or visit your GP surgery.


You may already have access. To check if you do, click ‘View your GP health record’ in the NHS App.


If you don’t have access yet, then speak to our reception team.


For further NHS App assistance visit


Online access to your young person’s health record

Parents and carers of young people can request access to their young person’s online health record until the age of 16. This is known as ‘Proxy Access.’


This allows the care giver access, through our digital services, to their young person’s health care information, and offers the facility to order repeat medication and book appointments online on their behalf,


NHS guidance is in place that ensures young people are offered confidentiality and privacy as they grow older. Following this guidance, we will disable access to a young person’s health record on their 11th birthday.


Access can be re-enabled up until the young person turns 16, and in some circumstances beyond, read on for further information


How do I request access to my young person’s health record?

Note: Your young person will need to be a registered patient at our practice. The proxy user does not have to be a registered patient at the same practice, but must be registered for online services on the GP system and always use their own login credentials


0 - 10 years

Please complete our proxy access form and return to our Admin Team on E: or hand in at any one of our practice sites.

11 - 15 years

Contact our Admin team on 01273 480888, option 6 or E. Please include your name, date of birth and preferred contact number; along with the name, date of birth and NHS number (if known) of the young person whose records you wish to access.


Our team will book a routine GP appointment for you and your young person. This is so the GP can perform a routine test to determine if your young person is competent to make their own decisions. This test is known as the Gillick Competency Test


If your young person is deemed competent they will be able to grant your access.


If they say:


‘Yes'. We will request that you and your young person complete and sign our proxy access form, this must be done in surgery with a member of staff present, and the appropriate level of access will be granted.


No’. You will not be granted access.


If your young person is not deemed competent we will request that you complete and sign our proxy access form and the appropriate level of access will be granted to you as their care giver.


Competency can be reassessed at the request of the practice, young person or parent/carer at any time, with guidance being set to annually until the young person turns 16.


The young person can contact the practice at any point to amend or revoke access.


16 years and over

Unless there is an indication that they are not competent, people aged 16 or above are assumed to be able to make an informed decision about who they allow access to the care records.


People aged 16+ and the person they wish to grant access to must physically attend the practice, bringing formal ID (passport, driving licence etc.) so that they can complete the relevant forms with a member of staff present. This is to ensure there is no coercion or force.


Patients can contact the practice at any point to amend or revoke access.

Call or Admin Team on 01273 480888, option 6

or email if you have any queries.

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