Patient Update - Telephone Queue and Waiting time issues

We are aware that some patients have had some difficulty contacting the surgery by telephone.

Below is the list of main issues that have been highlighted to us, alongside which you will find explanation and outcomes.

  • Callers being cut off whilst on hold or when the call is answered – We have audited this and found a fault. This has been flagged up to our service provider and is being dealt with.
  • High queue numbers  –  All calls are now coming through to the surgeries on one number. The queue number given, although correct, does not inform the caller how many staff are taking those calls.  We have a large number of receptionists answering the calls across our four sites. As we cannot resolve this we have decided to remove this from the automated message service.
  • Appointment Waiting times – Foundry Lewes, as with all GP Practices, are currently dealing with a significant bulge in demand as patients who have previously delayed visits or treatment are now calling us.  We ask that patients please bear with us – we are doing all we can to meet your needs.

Please do get in touch if you are uncertain about any of the above. (10.09)


Coronavirus Update

As we are all aware, the current Coronavirus pandemic has presented huge challenges over the last few months. Sharing the same fears and anxieties, nobody has been immune from the disruption, uncertainty and, at times, distress. Throughout this, our Foundry Healthcare Team have been working tirelessly to ensure vital services have been available to our patients.

We are slowly reintroducing more services as NHS and Government guidelines allow. While national figures show a decline in infection, Coronavirus remains with us and may do so for some time. We cannot simply return to ‘normal’ and will continue to tailor our practices as a result.

Guidance regarding Coronavirus, what you need to do to stay safe & manage the spread of infection, alongside further information on how we are managing the pandemic for our patients, can be found here.

Foundry Healthcare Lewes (22.07)

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