Patient Collaboration: Access Improvement Programme

We encourage and welcome feedback from all our patients. We want to know what is working well and what needs to be improved. Submitting your comments and suggestions to our Good Idea's Desk - will help us to identify those areas most in need of review and improvement.

Access Improvement Programme

Access to Appointments is one such improvement area that has already been highlighted by our patients - via surveys, correspondence and online feedback. In response to this, we established an Access Improvement Programme, lead by one of our GP Partners with support from senior managers.

As part of our Patient Survey: 'Extended Access to GP Services' we asked patients to sign up to take part in this quality improvement programme, to which over 700 patients came forward. We selected a random sample of approximately 50 people to engage with us and co-design our Access Improvement Plan. We will publish an update of our progress in three months’ time.

Key areas to highlight in our commitment to improve are:

> An improved phone system with a Virtual Queuing function which is due to go live at the end of April;

> Replacing the E-Consult system with Anima, a more patient friendly version early in May;

> Providing patients with more specific time when waiting for a call-back;

> Increasing the ability to book appointments on line and in advance, and the extension of the Digital Ambassador roles to support people with their digital access;

> Site Improvement Plans – upgrading the facilities at each surgery to make the buildings more welcoming for patients;

> We will continue to engage our patients in road-testing and advising us on continuous improvements to these new systems

Engaging with patients in this way and co-designing improvements to the Foundry will now be the blueprint for how we work in the future. If you would like to contribute to any future programmes you can do so by registering to join our growing group of patient collaborators here

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