The Primary Care Navigation (PCN) Programme provides tailored training for your staff to signpost people to local community resources, empowering them to manage their personal needs and reducing their reliance on GPs.

Our experienced team at the National Association of Primary Care train a range of frontline staff – including receptionists, administrative and pharmacy counter – to actively listen and signpost people to sources of help, advocacy and support.

It is a recommended element of NAPC’s primary care home programme but you do not need to be part of the programme to benefit.

About our programme

This is a bespoke programme tailored for your needs and co-designed with your team. It is often delivered over 12 months but can be shorter or longer. It usually involves four phases – 1) working with you to understand the local health and care landscape, 2) facilitating sessions between health, social care and the third sector to galvanize the patch, 3) leading and delivering the programme and 4) initiating learning transfer sessions.

Delivering a range of benefits

The programme delivers benefits for patients, staff and maximises resources:

  • Reduces unnecessary GP appointments, giving more time for patients that need diagnostic and complex medical care
  • Supports and empowers patients to manage their own health and wellbeing
  • Improves staff morale and retention
  • Connects you with other organisations, improving signposting across the community

Who should receive the training

We typically work with receptionists, health care assistants and pharmacy assistants. However, all frontline staff can benefit from this training

Success criteria

As an organisation, you need a strong commitment to collaboration and staff development, and an appetite to work with and share learning with health, social care and the voluntary sector.

Why choose us

The NAPC has delivered training programmes for GP federations, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and Health Education England, so we bring a wealth of experience and learning from across the country.

We are delivering the primary care home (PCH) programme – which is at the centre of redesigning integrated care with more than 160 sites across England. The model brings together a range of health and social care professionals as a complete care community to focus on local population needs and provide care closer to patients’ homes. Our primary care navigation training is a key element of the PCH programme.

Hear from our primary care navigators on their YouTube channel

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