Introducing our new telephone ‘Queue Buster’

Virtual Queuing & Automated Call Back Service

As part of our Access Improvement Plan and to improve the Patient Experience, we have had a much needed update to our telephone systems.

We have many new exciting features to explore, but this new feature is one that we feel will see the biggest improvement for patients.

Our Queue Buster allows us to offer patients a way to join a virtual queue, no need to stay on the line as we will call you back when you are first in line!

Simply call our appointment line, 01273 480888 / Option 1, and if you are placed 5th or more in the queue you will be given the option to Press 0. This secures your place in our virtual queue, you can then hang up and we will call you back!

For further information on how we may process your call and what to expect if you wish to book an appointment visit the Appointments section of our website.

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